Asheville Area Fly Fishing September 12 2019

Davidson River Fly Fishing Report

The Davidson river has been up and down the last couple weeks. We have had some really good days and some really tough days. Jeremy had a client catch one of the biggest browns we have caught on the NC side in a few months last week. The water levels are the lowest they have been all year but because of all the rain we have had in the last year the flows are right on track for the historical average, so not too bad. This morning was actually really good numbers wise. You never know which side of the Davidson river you are going to get this time of year. She can be a little bi polar. Terrestrials are still the best producers for us but fish are getting tired of the same old same old. We are looking forward to the temperature break next Wedneday. For now try to fish in the am only. Fish are pretty stressed with this 90 degree heat.

Watauga River and South Holston River Fly Fishing Report

The Watauga has been getting pretty good this week. The end of august was a little tough but things are changing. We are getting caddis, midges, and blue wings hatching early am. That has the fishing pre noon staying pretty strong. Afternoons are still slowing down but not completely. We are getting really good flows out of Wilbur dam and the TVA isn’t generating until 4 PM so we get low water all day up top.
The South Holston has been fishing well. Worms, Scuds, and mayflies have been best. Not much dry fly fishing to report but nymphing has been good. For whatever reason the fish haven’t been super spooky which is nice. Water has been low and that can make the fish hard to get close to. Not so lately. There is still some terrestrial fishing available.