Asheville Area Fly Fishing Report June 10 2019

Asheville, North Carolina Fly Fishing Report June 10 2019
By Brown Trout Fly Fishing

Davidson River/ other “Sky Island” Streams
We got a lot of rain this weekend in most drainages. Fortunately, Asheville didn’t get nearly the rain our friends to the North received. The Davidson River is a little high today but should be great tomorrow. Today would be a good day to throw streamers out there if you are a good wader. The North/West side of the Blue Ridge didn’t get nearly as much rain and is already fishable today. The pigeon system looks nice. We actually needed some rain to boost flows. The next few days should be really nice. On the Davidson Inchworms and Green Moth Larvae, Yellow Sallies, and caddis still dominate the bug life. There are some drakes around and terrestrials are becoming a good bet as well. Our fly of the week is the yellow stimulator size 12-14. It’s a great fly this time of year. As with last week don’t overlook the shallow edge water. Deep holes are good with weight but many fish slide to the side when flows come up.

Watauga River/South Holston River Report
All rain that fell on the Northern Blue Ridge Mountains is washing into the Watauga and South Holston lakes. The TVA has cranked the dams open today and will increase flows to around 3,000 tomorrow. That kills the wading opportunities but floating should be still productive especially after a couple days. The fish need a day or two to adjust to the flows. We don’t know what this will do to the Sulphur hatches that have been occurring on both rivers, but nymphing and dry dropper should stay really productive. The streamer bite should pick up with the high water. This time of year fish really key in on bugs but high water makes it much easier to get a fish to “slip up” and eat a streamer pattern. Could be a fun time for that even though its out of season. Cloudy days are usually better for that but you really never know when that fish of a lifetime will get angry and make a mistake. Flows are going to be high for a while.

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